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360 Degree Feedback

We all have a perception of our leadership style. Do others in your congregation share your view? Is there a gap between your perception and theirs? A 360-Degree Feedback tool helps you obtain honest feedback from those whom you lead and with whom you work. You, your president and key leadership, and I will select members of the staff, board, and congregational membership to participate in a confidential internet feedback survey. Your responses are compared to all the other respondents in an extensive interpretative report. This feedback can create enhanced lines of communication and relationships between the participant and the Temple leadership. This is an excellent tool to use after the successful completion of a new contract, as part of a mutual commitment to ongoing professional development.

Each 360-degree feedback questionnaire can be customized for your role on the leadership team and the specific needs of your congregation. All participants respond to the identical questions about your leadership, vision, communication with staff, board members, and congregational membership. Focus areas can be on pulpit style, teaching style, administrative skills, supervision of staff, conflict management, community relations, and time management.

At the conclusion of the report, specific suggestions are made for enhancing your leadership performance. This data becomes very beneficial in designing your professional development plan. It can be used as a cornerstone in our coaching work.

" I liked the way that Steve explained the 360-Feedback process that we could use for our Rabbi, Cantor, and Educator. He explained how we could customize the questions asked as well as categorized responses from defined groups such as the Board, B'nai Mitzvah parents, long time and short-time members. I want to thank Rabbi Kaye for being a mensch and allowing us to call upon him at all times of the day with the many questions we had along the way. "


Eliot Swartz, Past President, Temple Beth El, San Pedro,California 


" I have engaged Steve over the years in a variety of coaching & facilitation roles, and it is always enlightening. I have particularly found my own professional coaching with him to be enriching and our relationship has deepened as my career has grown. Steve's style is encouraging yet honest which always helps me hone my rabbinic skills. I have taken on new challenges and explored unexpected opportunities that I might never have without his guidance. "

Rabbi Ruth Zlotnick, Temple Beth Am, Seattle, WA

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