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Rabbinic and Cantorial Coaching

Professional Staff Communication Workshop

We strive to communicate with others so that our message will be heard. At times, the impact of our words may be different from our intent. We often create our own stumbling blocks in subtle and inadvertent ways.

Good communication and professional staff leadership are based more on your one-on-one relationship than on your sermons, the music you sing, school programs, or administration. Two key elements of good communication are being specific in what you say and focusing on the needs of the listener.

This workshop will enhance all levels of interpersonal communication. You will learn how to be more present in all your relationships. It will have a powerful impact on both your professional and personal relationships.

"On behalf of the American Conference Of Cantors, I'd like to thank you for your three-part webinar series 'Setting the Compass in Changing Times: The Economic Impact on the Members of the ACC'. As I'm sure you're aware, the series was very well attended and much appreciated by our membership. We received many accolades for the content, usefulness, and delivery of your presentation. You tailored your material to suit our needs perfectly. "


Cantor Mark Goldman, ACC Past President 


 "Utilizing Steve Kaye and his particular skills was enriching for our leadership and professional team. His workshops and materials enabled us to better understand ourselves, our interactions with others, and how we work as a team and in partnership with lay leadership. We continue to draw upon the resources he made available to us in strengthening the relationships we build."

"Steve Kaye helped us to strengthen an already solid Professional Staff Team and our partnership with Lay Leadership. The resources Steve Kaye made available to me and his on-site workshops with both our Professional Staff Team, Board Members and Officers enabled me to continue to strengthen my rabbinate and to better carry forth my vision for our congregation in partnership with our Professional Team and Lay Leadership."


Rabbi Scott Shpeen, Congregation Beth Emeth, Albany, New York

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