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Clergy Search and Transitions

Making the decision to seek a new pulpit is filled with an array of experiences that are unique for each rabbi or cantor. The complexities of a search from resume preparation, phone and Skype interviews to on-site interviewing can be overwhelming. I thoroughly prepare clergy colleagues and guide them on this sacred journey.

In preparing to search for a new congregation, how do you become the candidate of choice? How do you best prepare for your search? Does your resume and personal statement match your personality? How do you prepare for your phone and/or Skype interviews and in-person interviews? Do you have the interpersonal skills to "read and connect" with the personalities of the search committee members? What materials do you send? What references do you use? These are some of the techniques that you master as I guide and support you in your search.

After you are engaged by a congregation, we begin to focus on transitions and your work with the "clergy transition committee". Whose agenda? Whose needs need to be addressed? What institutional ghosts or land mines need to be identified and removed? What are the "sacred cows"? What are the staff needs? What changes can be made and at what pace?

" Rabbi Steve Kaye was a huge asset to me as I prepared for placement. Steve can be counted on to give honest and thoughtful insights on all aspects of the placement process no matter what professional move you are considering. I found him to be a kind but direct editor, who helped me to consider the best ways I could present myself in print and in person. He encouraged me to think 'outside the box' in terms of where to apply and how to consider the future of my rabbinate. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve throughout my successful placement process. "

Rabbi Mara Nathan, Temple Beth-El. San Antonio TX 


" I have found my work with Steve invaluable in terms of helping me to focus my rabbinate, especially as I made a change in congregations. He was extremely helpful in building our professional team at Temple Shalom. Steve's insights on the rabbinate and his seemingly endless reservoir of resources have been enlightening and are always helpful. It has been a pleasure to add Steve Kaye to my support system as a Rabbi. "


Rabbi Eric Gurvis, Sherborn, MA


" I thank you for the outstanding job you did in helping us define our areas of concern and then in leading us through problem-solving techniques. Your sense of how disparate individuals might best work together as a group if they fine-tuned their communications skills is right on target. Your ability to model those skills and to get the group to focus on practicing those skills is remarkable. All of us came away from these workshops with renewed energy for our tasks and with a commitment to teamwork. "


Rabbi Raymond Zwerin, Emeritus Rabbi, Temple Sinai, Denver, Colorado 

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